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Romanze Willoughby ‘Spitt’ – Groovin’ Melodic Bassist, Vocalist, Producer & Musical Director @ Herbal Derivatives Unit

Welcome to the Official Webpage of Romanze Willoughby ‘Spitt’.

Please feel free to look around & check out my musical resume as well as my bass playing videos, audio & personal photos in the media section of my webpage.

Music is one of my life’s biggest passions as is cannabis. High quality music and high quality cannabis both naturally go hand in hand. My corporate band Herbal Derivatives Unit (HDU) was created to perform live music (from Amadeus to Ziggy Marley) specifically for the Legal Cannabis Industry and its related events throughout the D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV) tri-state areas. Herbal Derivatives Unit is also an extension of my cannabis advocacy for civilians and vets alike as I am a Navy veteran and a local Hampton Roads Virginia NORML member.

Herbal Derivatives Unit will also serve as a Music Production company specifically with the Legal Cannabis Industry in mind. The band will produce, record, mix & master custom made music tracks for Legal Cannabis companies, their events and social media outlets. (Ex. Jingles for eventual cannabis business radio spots, custom music for cannabis social media (FB, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) & podcasts as well as eventual television commercials, etc.)

In addition to being available for live, touring and studio gigs, I also teach private electric bass lessons as well as host electric bass guitar master classes and rhythm section ( bass, drums, guitar or keys ) clinics.

Respect, Peace & Blessings 2U & Yours. Jah Bless & One Love.

– Romanze Willoughby ‘Spitt’








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