Professional Bass Guitar Lessons with a Working Pro Bassist – Beginning to Advanced Electric Bass Lessons

Why take private lessons with a guitarist or other instrumentalist when you can take lessons from someone that SPECIALIZES in BASS guitar? There are a plethora of people & musicians online claiming that they teach bass & have a music degree, etc. but they more often than not, have NO personal website to view, NO music to listen to, NO videos of them performing in a group or solo or ANY valid PROOF of what they’ve done & can do musically. I kindly ask that you take the time to browse around my website to read about my musical background & experience as well as watch videos & listen to mp3s of my playing. The proof is in the pudding, I always say.

There are three or four basic things that I will teach you that if you practice everyday will enable you to be able to play anything you want on electric bass guitar.

Subjects covered – strap adjustment, left & right hand techniques, major & minor scales as well as modes, slap bass, tapping techniques, harmonics, etc. I’ll also cover basic bass set up (action adjustment, string height adjustments, bridge saddle, neck & truss rod adjustments) & how to change your strings, etc.

I am now offering bass lessons online through the internet via Skype in addition to 1 on 1 in my home studio. This option allows you to take lessons in the comforts of your own home with no more driving, wasting gas or dealing with traffic, EVER! $40 for hour lessons & $25 for half hour lessons.

For online lessons, you will need the following things…
1. High speed internet connection
2. Skype
3. A webcam & a computer microphone
4. A bass along with an amplifier or powered studio speaker monitor to play & hear through plus & 1/4 inch cable & a tuner.
5. A pair of headphones to hear & establish clear mutual communication online.

Online webcam bass lessons must be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to and paid for at least 24 hours in advance through PayPal before taking place.

All live “in person” lessons will be taught in my home studio & the lesson fee can either be paid online in advance through PayPal or be paid in cash at the end of each lesson. The only thing that you will need to bring is your bass guitar & a willingness to learn.

“When Romanze explained his approach to teaching the bass I knew he was the right teacher for me. He is an awesome bass player with an easy straight forward bass method that will have you playing impressive bass grooves in no time. He made it so simple that I was able to learn the modes in one week and after showing me his chord chart and fingering I was able to play one of my favorite songs (Imagine) in just one week. I feel confident I will only play better in the months to come! As a green beginner and being a 64 year old very busy physician, I am excited about being a student of this well trained and skillful bass player and teacher.”
Dr. J. McKoy, M.D. – Waikiki, Hawaii

Please CALL me at 808-450-1306 for all bass lesson inquiries. Talking with you over the phone vice emailing me initially helps me to find out your musical background in general as well as your bass playing background & goals, etc. before starting our musical journey together.

Respect, Peace & Blessings 2U & Yours. Jah Bless & One Love.

Romanze Willoughby ‘Spitt’

1 Hour In Person or Skype Webcam Pro Bass Lesson

1/2 Hour In Person or Skype Pro Bass Lesson